Custom Engineered Decks

Codes for Decks were added in the 2000 International Residential Codebook, but not adopted by any state until 2003. Since that time, there have been many updates and additions to the building code in what is required for residential and commercial decks.

Several prominent deck and balcony collapses have happened in recent years: Berkeley College, Trinity College, and an Emerald Isle Beach House have all made mainstream news sources due to the severity of injuries.

In many instances, these failures have stemmed from decks having been built before an enforceable code was incorporated. Decks were being built on the standard that similar decks hadn’t fallen; therefore, they were empirical data that the design was sufficient.

With the requirement for decks to now meet code for permitting, it is being found that the building standards across the country are being elevated—with a closer inspection of the types and strengths of the fasteners being used to attach the deck to the house and to the main support posts.

Wood Decks

For the past 7 years, we have been partnered with Lowe’s Home Improvement to design residential and commercial decks—having provided over 3,000 designs throughout the United States. We design for wood or composite deck boards while only specifying the guardrail post spacing and allowing the freedom to install the railing style of your choice.

Trex Elevations Decks

We are not limited to wood deck structures. We can also provide design drawings for Trex Elevations structural plans. We have experience with their materials to design a deck structure to meet all local codes in states where we are licensed.

Trex Elevations offer a number of new design options. With the use of steel structural members, we can design to meet greater overhangs with decks, allowing posts to be placed to minimize obstructions.

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Custom Engineered Decks