Composite Panels

We are pleased to spec Paragon Noise Barriers composite panels.

These panels provide a robust solution with fully customizable aesthetics for your application, and offer the following benefits:

  • Light-weight, reflective panels which can be utilized on both ground-mounted and structure-mounted systems (each panel weighs 2-3 lbs/SF)
  • Highly durable to withstand the elements, yet pleasing to the eye
  • Resistant to the damaging effects of water, mold, and mildew - will need little to no maintenance
  • Panels can be easily delivered with an estimated 64 panels per truckload (standard 4' x 20' panels)

Sound Barriers
As communities become more populated and roadways are expanded to accommodate growth, traffic noise increases, and there is a greater demand for reducing noise levels in both residential and commercial areas. Paragon's noise barrier panels have many advantages over other products on the market today.

Paragon's sound barrier panels can

  • Withstand the elements.
  • Allow for cost-effective transportation and installation.
  • Be produced in various sizes and colors.

Composite Panels