Deck Ordering Process

Step 1

Download and complete our order form and provide a dimensioned sketch of the proposed deck plan. Make sure to note desired location of stairs, any obstructions beneath the deck, and any limitations due to property setbacks. 

Step 2

Fax or email the order form to the listed number/email address on the form.

Step 3

Click here to make a payment or call our office at (919) 844-6050 extension 1 to provide payment information via our credit card service.

Step 4

When payment information has been verified you will receive an email notification that we have all of the required information to begin working on your deck - along with any questions we may have on your order form.

Step 5

Once we have completed the deck we will deliver it through one of two methods:

  • Method 1 - We will email a pdf copy of the deck to the listed email address. This can be used to print multiple copies to provide to the building department.
  • Method 2 - For decks in New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and New York we will provide 3 hard copies sent by USPS. A tracking number will be included by email along with an unsealed copy.

Step 6 (Optional)

We ensure that all of our decks pass permitting. If there is any issue with getting the deck approved for permitting we will provide adequate revisions to make sure that it is approved.