Deck Ordering Process

Step 1 - Order Form

Download and complete our order form.  Providing complete information on the form can greatly reduce production delays.

Step 2 - Sketch

Create a sketch of the proposed deck plan with dimensions of each side. Make sure to note the desired location of stairs, any obstructions beneath the deck, and any limitations due to setbacks.

Step 3 - Email or Fax

Email the order form and sketch to <>. You may also attach any on-site photos needed to describe the existing conditions. Make the subject line, when possible, "Deck Order" + state abbreviation + homeowner name. This format helps us organize and identify your deck project quickly.

Alternatively, fax the order form to 877-841-6050.

Step 4 - Confirmation & Quote

Watch for an email from DCSPE with confirmation of receipt of your order and quote of engineering fee within 72 hours. This is not an automated process and there may be a delay between sending the order and receiving confirmation.

Step 5 - Make Payment

Click here to make a payment by credit card. Our pricing is $1.00 per square foot with a $250 minimum charge for the base deck (With the exception of CA, HI, AK, and IL). An additional shipping fee of $25 will apply when hard copies or raised seals are required. Additional services (elevations, pergolas, and site plans) will be quotes per project.

Step 6 - Answer Requests for Information

Drafters may require clarification after processing the deck order. Please make confirmations and email answers to <> so we have the information in writing and it is received by the drafting team.

Step 7 - Turn around Time

When payment has been verified and we have received all of the required information regarding your deck, you will receive an email with an anticipated delivery date. Our deck turn-around time is ten (10) business days, not including weekends or holidays (With the exception of CA, HI, AK, and IL). Highly complex decks may require additional time, and the drafting team will keep you informed during the process.

Step 8 - Deck Design Delivery

Once we have completed the deck we will deliver it through one of two methods:

  • Method 1 - We will email a pdf copy of the deck to the listed email address. This can be used to print multiple copies to provide to the building department.
  • Method 2 - For decks in New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and New York we will provide 3 hard copies sent by USPS. A tracking number will be included by email along with an unsealed copy.

Our Guarantee

Every deck ordered from DCSPE includes liability insurance for the structural deck design. We ensure that all of our decks pass permitting for the structural design as described in your order. If there is an issue with getting the deck approved for permitting, email the written permit response (scan or forward the actual text in their words) to <> and we will provide, at no charge, adequate revisions to make sure that it is approved.

Note: aesthetic design and railing guardrail selections are not covered by this guarantee.